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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A New Language for Planning, Architecture and City Design

PLEASE NOTE THAT MY PRIMARY SITE IS NOW LOCATED AT “THE BUILT DOMAIN.NET”. A link is provided in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Opinion is dominated by the law, which uses an established set of procedures to challenge the opinions of others. It demands knowledge to defend opinion in public debate. Architecture and city planning need a vocabulary to define and correlate research, and a language to defend opinion based on the knowledge acquired. 

We have become part of an artificial Built Domain that is threatening the Natural Domain with population and sprawl, and the Natural Domain does not compromise with ignorance. 

The Built Domain contains four divisions: Shelter, Movement, Open Space (including agriculture) and Life Support. Shelter is served by the other three. The challenge is to shelter a growing population within a limited Built Domain that does not threaten its natural host. Easily said, but the intensity patterns contemplated must not threaten the physical, social, psychological and economic welfare of the population involved. 

My book and software introduce a language of intensity that attempts to lay the groundwork for research and debate by all interested parties. A language is needed to address this issue in the public forums required by law. It’s an attempt to reconcile complexity with a structure built in the tradition of architecture -- and a vocabulary equal to the challenge of city design.

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