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Friday, April 11, 2014


I've been out of touch working on a new book that I hope will be complete by the end of this year. I'm including the first two paragraphs of the Introduction. They represent a synopsis that I've been seeking for a long time. I'm blogging them to stay in touch during this effort.

A growing population cannot survive without shelter on a planet with limited resources. The threat is shelter sprawl that consumes our source of life and shelter intensity that destroys our quality of life. The question is how to shelter these populations and protect their quality of life within a limited Built Domain that does not threaten their source of life -- the Natural Domain.
The answer will require symbiotic solutions to save a parasite that does not recognize it is human. This book introduces a classification system, vocabulary, and equations built on architectural logic. The logic is tacit knowledge that has been verbally transferred over centuries. It must become explicit before it can grow. The transition will permit research, comparison, debate, and the accumulation of knowledge in a measureable language that can add to the conversation.