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Monday, December 5, 2011

Improving the Argument for Architecture & City Design

I have posted this essay on my new web site at I’ve also posted, “The Public Benefit of Architecture” and some of the most frequently read of my previous essays.

If an image is too small to read on this new site, click on it. In the window that appears, go to the View menu, select Zoom and adjust the magnification percentage as required.

I will be concentrating on my new web site in the future and may not bring over all of my previous work on Google, so please consider Google a library which I will not eliminate and may expand.

I plan to activate the “Subscribe to Site at No Cost” feature of my new site in the future after the dust settles. This feature will send you an e-mail when there is a new essay or an adjustment to an old one if you sign up.

I’ve included a “Select Language” feature below the banner image for the convenience of my readers. I hope you find it useful.

You may return to this web site by using the link at the bottom of the Home page on the new site.

I have appreciated your interest in my work and encourage your feedback on the new site. It is light years ahead in appearance and I hope the content will encourage you to bookmark the location.

Walter M. Hosack
December 5, 2011
Dublin, OH

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